Spotlight & Preview - Carousel

Illustrates how to spotlight the middle item in the carousel. Several techniques illustrated:

The full configuration for this carousel is:

	carousel = new YAHOO.extension.Carousel("dhtml-carousel", 
			numVisible:         5,
			animationSpeed:     0.6,
			animationMethod:    YAHOO.util.Easing.backBoth,
			scrollInc:          1,
			navMargin:          40,
			scrollBeforeAmount: 2,
			firstVisible:       -1,
			size:               15,
			scrollAfterAmount:  2,
			prevElement:        "prev-arrow",
			nextElement:        "next-arrow",
			loadInitHandler:    loadInitialItems,
			loadNextHandler:    loadNextItems,
			loadPrevHandler:    loadPrevItems,
			prevButtonStateHandler:   handlePrevButtonState,
			nextButtonStateHandler:   handleNextButtonState,
			animationCompleteHandler: completeHandler
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