Manage Items - Carousel

Illustrates inserting items, clearing all items and causing a reload of items.

To experiment with inserting items, enter the name of the new item and which item index it will appear before or after. (Note that after insertion, the names that start with 'Image ' will no longer accurately reflect their position in the list.)

The Clear and Reload buttons illustrate clearing all items from the list as well as reloading a new set of items (in this example we illustrate new items by prefixing a '+' character on each new load.

The methods illustrated here are:

	carousel.insertBefore(indexToInsertBefore, innerHTMLToInsert);
	carousel.insertAfter(indexToInsertAfter, innerHTMLToInsert);

This also illustrates loading items out of sequence. Items are loaded backwards, but the items are shown in the correct order.

Insert a new item named

before item #

Insert a new item named

after item #

Clear all items ==>

  OR reload a new set ==>

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