Auto Play (with wrapping) - Carousel

autoPlay parameter is set in this example to 5000 milliseconds (5 seconds). The carousel performs a scrollNext() call every 5 seconds. If the user clicks to navigate the arrows the autoPlay is disabled. You can also programmatically stop auto play by calling stopAutoPlay and restart it by calling startAutoPlay. Also illustrates wrapping at 11 items. Here are the parameters needed to configure the carousel:

	autoPlay: 5000,

The Stop Auto Play and Start Auto Play buttons stop and start the autoplay feature. Hitting the Start Auto Play when autoplay is active does nothing (except set a new interval if one is supplied). The Stop Auto Play button stops auto play. Here are the two methods for stopping and starting autoplay:

	carousel.setProperty("autoPlay", 0);
	carousel.setProperty("autoPlay", 2000);
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